Can you imagine having the ability to instantly grab your prospect's attention so completely that they tune out everything else and listen only to you?

We live in a time with an overabundance of information.

A time well beyond the information age. There are constantly 1000 different streams of information coming at us from all different directions.

And information consumes something – information consumes attention. And each of us have a limited amount of attention.

So how do you get someone to stop and redirect their attention to focus on your message and the importance of the information that it brings to them?

One simple way to redirect attention is to ask a simple question.

Psychologically our brains are wired so that when a question is posed our brains immediately began searching for an answer automatically. Ask a good probing question that is relevant to your target audience, and you almost certainly redirect their attention and their focus on the information that you are about to provide. But don't stop there. Be sure to reward them for paying attention to you by providing highly valuable information to them.

You're probably beginning to realize what I've done here . . .If you'd like to learn more click here.

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