Get The Best MLM Leads

The Acquisition of MLM Leads

mlm-leadsThere are three primary ways to get leads for your MLM business:

Contact your warm market.

Buy leads from a lead broker.

Or generate your own leads using various methods.

Sick of the Old Methods for Getting Leads?

If you are on this page, and reading this text now, then it is likely you have either exhausted, or are simply sick and tired of using two of these methods.

You have either run out of friends and family who are willing to talk to you anymore, or you are afraid of this happening, and so have stopped approaching them.

You not only get to leverage time in terms of the number of people whom you contact, but you also reduce wasted time on unengaged people by talking to only interested prospects, and you reverse the power dynamic by putting yourself in a position of authority and letting the prospect come to you for help.
And you may be sick to death of cold calling deadbeat tire-kicking leads all day with terrible results.

If that's the case, then you have just eliminated two of the most popular ways for obtaining leads pushed by uplines in MLM companies.

Making a list of your top 100, the 3-foot rule, and pounding the phones, seems to be the mantra no matter what home business you find yourself in.

Many recruits have been beating themselves bloody on these methods for years.

A Better Way to Get Leads for MLM

The good news is, there's a better way.

Sure, you can build a business on a warm market and the 3 foot rule alone. Many successful network marketers and MLM'ers have done it.

But in my opinion, that's a rough way to go.

And I have yet to see anyone who has not lost, or at least strained, relationships over it.

For me, it's just not worth it, so this wasn't an option.

The alternative is to begin to treat this like a real business and learn to generate your own leads.

This has several distinct advantages over the two methods mentioned above.

Leveraged Lead Generation

First, you will employ the advantage of leverage.

Contacting your warm market, cornering people in elevators, and cold calling leads have one thing in common – they are very low on leverage.

You are conducting these one-on-one, and you must be present in the same time in order to make this contact.

The advantage of employing lead generation strategies is that you are able to multiply your reach by effectively being in many places all at the same time.

Just mailing out a postcard to 1000 people effectively leverages your time by magnifying your reach to the hundreds.

You simply take the time to write the message on the postcard once, and then your message can be simultaneously delivered to hundreds or even thousands of people who can read it in a matter of moments.

Now, obviously postcard mailings may be somewhat limiting in terms of their monetary costs.

Fortunately, we live in an age of digital marketing, where messages can be delivered to hundreds or thousands, and even millions of people at a cost so close to zero we may essentially call it ‘free.'

Employ the leverage of technology properly, and you can put your message in front of thousands or even millions.

So, one advantage of generating your own leads is that of employing leverage.

Kinder, Gentler Prospecting

Another great advantage of learning to generate your own MLM leads is that you only end up talking to people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Only those people who respond positively to your message become leads, and these are the people that you will spend time interacting with.

This also happens to be another way that lead generation leverages your time, because you don't end up wasting it talking with unqualified or uninterested people.

Prospects self-identify, effectively raising their hands and asking to hear more about what you have to say.

Just knowing the people you're talking with are already receptive to your message and asking to hear more takes so much of the pressure off of trying to build your business.

Rejection isn't an easy thing to handle, and even the most thick-skinned and hardy of business pioneers gets worn down after being told ‘no' a few thousand times.

Generating your own leads allows you to leverage your time in terms of communicating your message, and it also allows you to automatically sort through prospects so that you only end up talking with interested people.

Automatic Power Positioning

A third advantage of generating your own leads is that it solves a huge positioning problem.

Here's what I mean –

When you contact people in your warm market or call cold-call leads, you are in the position of asking.

The position of weakness.

You reached out to them, so you are the one in need.

Already this is a bad way to start off the interaction.

However, when generating your own leads, the prospect has come to you.

They were searching for something, and saw your message as some sort of an answer.

Or at least the promise of an answer.

Do you understand how powerful this is?

Being perceived as a person who holds value, who has an answer for which the prospect is searching for, completely flips the dynamic of the interaction.

Now you are in the position of power.

Now, the prospect is coming to you, and you are in control.

Top Benefits of Generating Your Own MLM Leads

Learning to generate your own MLM leads takes hard work and some concerted effort to learn a new skill.

But the potential payoff is tremendous.

You not only get to leverage time in terms of the number of people whom you contact, but you also reduce wasted time on unengaged people by talking to only interested prospects, and you reverse the power dynamic by putting yourself in a position of authority and letting the prospect come to you for help.

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Wondering how to get the best MLM Leads?

You may not realize this, but buying leads is one of the worst things you can do. Not only are the leads typically very low quality, but when you cold call the leads to sell them on your business you have given them the psychological advantage and control in the situation. Learn how to reverse this by positioning yourself as a valuable leader and you will attract a steady stream of leads to you automatically.

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