Want the best MLM Training?

mlm-trainingAre you confused by the mass of information floating around and suffering from information overload that leaves you in a state of indecision, unsure of what you should do first, or what you should do next in your MLM business?

You need solid, dependable information on what is currently working. The best way to get this information is to observe the industry leaders and do what they do.
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What is the top MLM training?

When it comes to MLM training there are numerous options vying for your attention, not least of which is likely your upline sponsor trying to get you to plug into some sort of a system.

And this system is great.

Systems are the key to producing predictably reliable results over time, and then being able to improve upon those results.

Training Failure #1

The biggest problem I see with most training put out by MLM companies, is that they are an attempt to fit everyone into a one-size-fits-all type of program.

The template is set in stone, and it is simply a matter of “do these steps in order, rinse, and repeat.”

And if your efforts aren't producing results? Well, the answer is just to do more of the same.

Certainly, there is a level of commitment and effort that is required to build a business. But if something isn't working – stop doing it, and figure out what does work.

Mindlessly repeating the same failing process over and over again is a good example of insanity in practice.

If something's not working, take time to figure out what is broken and then fix it.

Don't continue to do the same things that are failing to produce results.

This may mean that the system itself is broken, or maybe simply your approach or implementation of the system is causing the issue.

Either way, take the time to do your homework, test it out, figure out what does work and what doesn't, and then do more of what's working and cut out what isn't.

Training Failure #2

The second major issue I see with most popular MLM training, is they are geared for success if you are a people person.

They are made for a successful face-to-face salesperson.

Not everyone is going to be naturally gifted at selling in person.

Yes, it is a skill set that can be developed, but some people are simply more naturally inclined to be good at this.

Others are going to struggle greatly with learning this.

The systems taught by most MLM's don't take into account personal strengths and weaknesses, and allow a person to gear their efforts toward their strengths.

The only option given is to buckle down and work really hard to pick up the skill set of a face-to-face salesperson.

Depending upon one's personality this could amount to brutal torture, and a constant stream of self-flagellation over not excelling in this business.

Selling can be done through all different kinds of mediums, and in various settings and formats.

Face-to-face is just one example.

Yes, some comfort level in dealing with people and providing leadership to them will be necessary in order to build a successful MLM business.

But if you're not extremely gifted with person-to-person interactions, and you do happen to be a very talented writer, perhaps you configure your system to allow you to use your strength as a writer to build your business.

Put your individual strengths at the forefront of your efforts and maximize upon those, giving yourself time to develop your areas of weakness, without showcasing them and trying to make them the cornerstone of your business building efforts.

My Personal MLM Training Solution

I believe that the most successful MLM training will be built around three simple core principles.

Number one, you are what you think.

Number two, you are unique.

Number three, methods are many but principles are few. A person who understands principles may successfully select their own methods.

These three principles form the foundation for my teaching on how to build a successful MLM business.

Now, I won't claim that this is the only way to teach someone to build a business, but it has been helpful for me to think about it in these terms, and I know many have benefited from seeing this breakdown.

#1 – You Are What You Think.

Basically, everything about you, your life, and your business is a result of your thoughts up to this point.

I don't mean that you can build a successful business through wishful thinking.

It's not going to happen.

What I do mean is that your business efforts and results are shaped by your thoughts in two ways. First, they are shaped by your beliefs about what is possible what is true, and what is good or bad. The second way your thoughts shape your results in building a business is through your technical understanding of methods and strategies, and how to properly implement them.

Your beliefs and your understanding will dictate what you do.

#2 – You Are Unique.

Every one of us is different.

There aren't any two people on this planet that are exactly the same. You have unique strengths, weaknesses, characteristics, personal circumstances, and location.

You need to carefully evaluate what this looks like for you, and then play to your strengths.

There is no sense in beating your head against a brick wall trying to excel in an area that you're simply not naturally gifted in.

And there's no reason for it.

There are an unlimited number of methods that you can use if you understand the simple principles of selling and marketing.

Use your natural gifts wisely, and make this the cornerstone of your efforts.

Don't ignore your weaknesses, but also don't try to rely on them to be the thing that's going to feed you.

Work on your known areas of weakness and give them time to develop, but concentrate on the areas where you are able to provide the highest level of value to others – those are most likely your strengths.

#3 – Methods are many, But Principles Are Few. The Person Who Understands Principles May Successfully Select Their Own Methods.

There are at least 1,000,001 ways to make $1 million.

There are often nearly an unlimited number of approaches to performing a single thing.

We just get boxed in by our closed-minded thinking, narrowly assuming that there are only a few ways to get things done right.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

People discover new ways of doing things all the time.

And selling has been done in multiple various ways for a very long time.

There are virtually limitless methods at your disposal for building your business.

If you don't understand the principles behind them, you are likely to fail at every single one.

If you understand the basic principles driving these methods, then not only will you be able to use these existing methods successfully, but you may be able to come up with your own ways of doing things even more effectively.

Make it a point to dig down and find the underlying reasons certain methods are successful.

Look for common traits among successful people.

Find out what is the underlying foundation that breeds success, and then imitate it with your own special twist.


Applying these principles certainly isn't a cure-all, and of course, you need to learn some technical skills along the way. But I think beginning with an understanding of these three – and moving forward with them in mind – is a great way to start off your MLM training.

Keep these three things in mind and build upon them with everything you learn, and I have no doubt that with some perseverance you too can build a successful MLM business.
If you're interested in learning more, just click here to see some follow-up training where I show you how you can directly implement this into your own business today.
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