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Do you have an effective MLM marketing system?

Many people are surprised to learn that I was a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska for 17 years.

Bristol Bay isn't exactly the Bering Sea, and thankfully salmon is a summer fishing season, but there were still plenty of times when I could have lost my life battling the elements and the ocean to make a living.

Many of the boats from Deadliest Catch work as tenders during their summer off-season, so I've seen a lot of those boats, and met a few of the guys who do the crabbing.

Most people who hear I was a commercial fisherman either envision me with a fishing pole in hand, pulling in salmon one at a time, or something like what they've seen on TV in Deadliest Catch.

It's not quite like either of those.

Maybe somewhere in the middle.

We use boats, but our largest was a 26-foot open aluminum skiff.

And our gear is a gillnet.

We were allowed to fish 50 fathoms of diamond-mesh gillnet per state-issued fishing permit.

We used setnets, which means that our nets were anchored in place the entire time.

At the appointed openings, we would go out and set the nets, then wait for the tide to come in and bring the fish with it.

We would then go through the nets, and pick the fish, delivering our catch to the buyers at the end of the tide.

I think the most we ever caught was right around 22,000 pounds of sockeye salmon in roughly an eight-hour period.

 salmon-fishing-and-mlm-marketing-systemsI could get off on a tangent and share fishing stories for days, but my intention was to illustrate a point about your marketing system, so I'll get back on track.

What do your prospecting efforts look like?

Is your method for bringing in new business more like a set gillnet, or like a dude with a fishing pole, pulling in fish slowly, one at a time?

The answer to that question will determine both the speed of your success and the ultimate level of success you are able to achieve in your network marketing or MLM business.

Traditional MLM prospecting methods are most like a dude with a fishing pole standing on the shore.

Sure, you get the very personal connection with each fish you bring in, but if that one fish gets away, you also experience a heavy emotional loss.

Not to mention, you are limited to pulling them in one at a time.

Having an MLM recruiting system is a lot like what I did in my commercial salmon fishing.

Sure, you have to do some work upfront.

In the case of salmon fishing, that's making and setting the nets.

In the case of your marketing system, that's building the structure of the system, and then launching.

Once the system is in place, whether fishing or network marketing, it will continue to bring in fish or new leads automatically, without you being present.

Then, you are able to go pick all the fish at once, or sign up multiple new distributors in your business.

The power of a marketing system

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One of the main benefits that an MLM or network marketing system has, is that of leverage.

It enables you to multiply your results by multiplying the number of people you are able to contact and share your message with.

Just like I had a huge advantage with my gillnet over the guy on shore with his fishing pole.

person with effective network marketing systemAt an average of about 5 pounds each per sockeye salmon, the dude with the pole would've had to pull in about 4400 fish, one at a time, to match my take of an eight hour period of time.

I highly doubt that's even within the realm of possibility.

Having a marketing system allows you to enjoy the benefits of multiplied and even exponential results.

Marketing System Essential Components

You only need a few things to set up a simple yet highly effective marketing system.

  • #1 Lead Capture Mechanism
  • #2 Relationship Building Mechanism
  • #3 Sales Mechanism

With those simple elements in place you have a system that will allow you to pull in leads, automatically sort through those as you build a relationship with them, and finally, sell to the interested prospects.

If you'd like to learn more about how to set up an MLM marketing system for yourself, here's one that I found incredibly helpful when I was first starting out, and I still use it today.

Click here to see my go-to MLM Marketing System.
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