Establish Multiple Traffic Sources in Your Network Marketing Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without it your business will wither away and die. This is true of any business, whether you're running the local hamburger joint on the corner, selling products over the phone, or running an MLM business. Without a steady stream of new people coming in, your business will die. It may not happen immediately, but it will stagnate, begin to wither, and eventually go to an early grave.

So why would you leave the door open to have your business completely ripped from your grasp on the whims of a third party?

Many business owners don't realize this, but this is exactly what they're doing when they depend upon a single source of traffic to bring in new business. As great as any single traffic source may be, without diversity there is no stability.

Think of it as a stool.

One leg on your stool, one source of traffic, has absolutely no stability. It's a giant balancing. And if that one leg is yanked from under you your business is done. Two legs are better than one, but still not much stability. Three is good, four or more is even better.

Unfortunately, too many people know what I'm talking about firsthand. To many Adwords accounts, YouTube accounts, SEO rankings, etc. have been ripped out from under business owners in the past few years. And you never know when a Facebook account or page or even Twitter might get shut down.

If you are dependent upon that single source only for your new business, you're done. Even if it is just a majority of your business that comes through that single traffic source you are completely crippled when one of these events happens to you.

Protect yourself by developing multiple traffic sources.

Some paid, and others free.

Yes, you should begin by focusing on one and after you master that move onto a new one. But never settle for just one or two methods.

As soon as you get a traffic source up and stable on its own, move on to learn a new one. Never become complacent and never settle. The moment that you settle is the moment that your business begins to die a slow death.

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