How to Be an Effective Network Marketing Leader

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Being an effective leader is key to success in the Network Marketing or MLM industry.

But how can you provide effective leadership, especially when you may just be starting out yourself?

In my mind leadership in this industry is much the same as it is in everything else in life.

Some have equated leadership to simply having influence over others.

Just think about the last time someone really took an interest in you. Took time out to sit down and really listen and care about your life.

That memory is still with you, isn't it?

But I think this is too simplistic in its approach.

For me, leadership implies an intentional mindset.

It carries with it an awareness that there are people following you, that you bear a burden of responsibility to some extent for others' well-being, and that you are working on their behalf to ensure the collective good.

Leaders put themselves on the line.

Leaders sacrifice themselves for their followers.

That is why they are trusted and love.

Their followers have a sense that this person is devoted to their well-being, and will work tirelessly to protect them and support them in achieving a common goal.

So how can you provide great leadership to people, no matter what your personal background or current situation?

Serve people.

Love them.

Take time to simply listen to people.

Find out about their story. About what makes them who they are as a person. Some of their dreams. Their goals. Their pain and frustration.

Take time to simply listen, really listen, as they talk.

And as you listen, look for a way that you may be able to serve them.

Maybe you are able to give them some practical advice on the next step to take.

Maybe you are able to give them tools that they are in need of. Maybe you're able to provide much needed advice.

Or maybe you are simply to give a word of encouragement.

Don't underestimate how powerful this is.

Just think about the last time someone really took an interest in you. Took time out to sit down and really listen and care about your life.

That memory is still with you, isn't it?

Can I Share A Personal Story. . .?

This was hammered home again to me recently as I was privileged to spend a little bit of time with an uncle whom I haven't seen for several years.

The impression that is left in my mind is simply, ‘What a beautiful man.'

What a dear servant of Jesus and child of God. This man has sacrificed for years on behalf of his family and others. And God has taken him through a difficult and trying road.

I only got to spend two half-hour blocks of time in one-on-one conversation with him while I was there.

Partly because of his grueling work schedule.

But that one hour was probably the most impactful part of the entire three days I was there.

He took time to ask about my life and really listen and share in with my experience. And then he opened his heart and shared a little glimpse of his own life with me.

It doesn't seem like much – a mere 60 minutes.

But because of the simple act of service on his part, to intentionally take time to serve me by talking with me and listening, I am left with such a deep thankfulness for the man.

I feel indebted to him, and despite having spent very little time with the man over the years, I feel in some way deeply connected with him.


You can't fake it.

People will know.

An imposter will be smelled a mile away.

You have to truly care about people.

But if you truly care, providing leadership for them is a simple matter.

Just show them that you care, and seek to serve them.

Share what you have received, share what you have learned.

People are looking for someone to step up and lead them.

Everyone wants to know that they are valued and loved.

Provide that for people and they will follow you anywhere. Sacrifice yourself for them, and they will move mountains for you.

Waiting for the signature marketing ‘call to action'?

Here it is: Go take time today to serve someone and show that you genuinely care about them.

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