How to Get Free Business Opportunity Leads

free business opportunity leads
There is no real shortage of business opportunity leads available.

Many people are interested in, or actively searching for ways to make money online.

And who wouldn't be interested in making a few extra bucks using the leverage and tools that technology affords?

But people searching for a business opportunity, or how to make money online, compose a very broad audience. Yes, this leads to a high volume of leads, but it's also an audience of varying interests and engagement levels.
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This means you get more people to join you in your business opportunity with less effort, so you build your business faster.
In my experience, these type of general leads are plentiful, but overall of a lower quality than someone who is making a specific search.

Part of the lower response is due to the difficulty to tailor a marketing message to this audience.

Everyone would like to make money, but very few want to do the work required to make that money, and even fewer actually know what type of work they want to do in order to make money.

The quality of the leads and the interest level in your offering can vary greatly.

That being said, business opportunity leads can be a profitable means of building your business.

You just don't want to sort through these by means of cold calling, or another method that will require a large amount of your personal investment of time.

I highly recommend setting up an automated lead generation system or funnel to bring in these prospects and have them automatically qualify themselves, first by requesting the free training, and second by purchasing an entry-level product.

This first low price-point sale is sometimes called a ‘tripwire'.

People who purchase an initial course, or video, or training, on how to successfully run the type of business that you are offering, are much more likely to be good candidates to try to sell into your business opportunity.

But these buyers automatically sort themselves out and identify themselves through an automated lead generation and sales system.

Then follow up with the buyers to pitch your business opportunity.

Not only will you save time by not calling on a bunch of deadbeat leads who don't have money or an interest in what you are offering, but you'll also be talking to people whose interest level has been proven to be high and who've already demonstrated that they are willing to spend money on it.

This greatly increases your percentage of conversion to sales.

This means you get more people to join you in your business opportunity with less effort, so you build your business faster.

Below are three simple yet highly effective methods for generating free business opportunity leads. You can see these methods in more detail on this page about generating free network marketing leads.

Three Simple Ways to Get Free Business Opportunity Leads

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First, please realize that leads will always cost you something.

There is no such thing as a ‘free' biz op lead, or any other type of lead.

it takes work to generate leadsIt may not have an immediate monetary cost, but be sure it will cost you in terms of time, labor, and perhaps your image.

A potential emotionally costly tactic that is common in our industry is to tap into your ‘warm market,' that is, your friends and family.

Here are three simple strategies for generating business opportunity leads for free – i.e., at no cost, or such a low monetary cost we may as well call it free.

These don't require that you put your reputation on the line with friends and family, and they have a bit higher leverage ratio than bombarding strangers in elevators.

Forum Commenting and Posting for Leads

This may take a little while to pick up some momentum, but it does have the potential to produce some steady leads for a long time after your time investment.

This is a time-intensive activity, and requires you to be engaged and responsive.

Set aside at least 30 minutes at a minimum of 5 days a week of dedicated time to put this into practice.

You may have already seen this strategy in action if you have spent time in forums – you just may have not recognized it.

Or, more than likely, it was carried out very poorly.

Most newbies are doing this completely wrong, and sadly, even some of the more seasoned post free leads

Warning: A failure to carefully read and follow the rules for each forum you join will be a fatal error from which you may not recover.

The most basic strategy involves putting a clear, compelling offer with a link to your capture page in your signature line.

Don't try to sell a bunch of hype, and avoid language that sounds spammy.

The best ones offer to solve a very specific problem for your target audience.

Then you simply need to join in the conversation.

You can start posts asking legitimate questions you may have or providing helpful insight on a topic many are struggling with, and you should seek opportunities to provide helpful answers to the questions of others.

The main thing to keep in mind is to add value to the community with every post.

If you are faithful to add regularly to your forum contributions you will start a trickle that will grow into a steady stream of free leads to grow your business.

Blogging for FREE Biz Leads

Blogging is not the way to build a giant business overnight.

I would know. 😉

But taking the time to build an authoritative blog that serves your readers with truly valuable content will provide you with a fundamental asset that can produce leads for years to come.

Focus on creating exceptionally high-value income.

Here are a few practical tips to help you optimize your blog, or do a little on-page SEO:

– Go after ‘long tail' keywords or the lower competition search phrases in your posts.

It gives you a better shot at showing in the search results, and also helps you narrow your focus when writing on your chosen topic.

– Consistent posting is a huge key!

If you can, post every day. At a minimum, shoot for 3 posts every week.

Don't give up if you get off track – just get back on track and keep posting on a regular basis.

– Push out your new posts to your lists. A loyal fan base and returning traffic is a good signal to the search engine, and will organically expand your influence as these fans share your material with others.

– Leverage social media sites. Sharing blog posts on social media is a great way to indicate to the search engines that you have new, helpful content and a thriving community of engaged readers.

Build your blog the correct way and it will send you leads for years and years.

FREE Leads from Facebook and Other Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be a great way to build up a following and generate some free leads for your business.

Don't sacrifice friendships and your reputation for the sake of

Create a separate account, page, or group specifically for business purposes, and then restrict your business postings to that platform.

This way you won't annoy your friends who don't care about your business, and you can still provide valuable information and leadership to those who do want to follow you in business.

Please don't be ‘that friend' who clogs everyone's newsfeed with your home business spam.

Make clear compelling offers to your social media business followers, and direct them to an opt-in page where they can join your list.

Free Business Opportunity Leads Summary

The most notable thing all of these strategies will cost you is that of time.

If you are like many starting out – you probably are short on both, but tend to have a little more time than you do money.

The best results come through investing the asset of your time in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

If you'd like to learn more about how to get the most out of your efforts to generate free business opportunity leads while building your business on a budget, just click on this link, or the big ugly graphic below.
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