How to Get Free Network Marketing Leads

First, let me clarify that ‘free' leads do not exist. Leads will always cost you something to get. It may not be necessary to spend money to get certain leads, but it will cost you in terms of time, effort, opportunity (you could have been doing something else), and possibly reputation.

Talking with people in what is known as your ‘warm market' in the business – your friends and family, is certainly free in terms of monetary cost. But, depending on your disposition, it may be costly emotionally as you are required to step beyond your normal comfort zone and broach a tricky topic.

It may also cost you your reputation with certain people – maybe because you are new and your handling of the subject is a bit awkward and unrefined, or simply because of the way it is received – many have prejudices toward or former bad experiences with others in the business opportunity and network marketing world.

Those things being said, below are three simple strategies for generating network marketing leads for free – i.e., at no cost, or such a low monetary cost we may as well call it free. These have a bit better leverage than ambushing strangers in elevators, and they don't require you to risk your reputation with your friends and family.

Three Simple Strategies for Getting More FREE Leads in Your Network Marketing Business

Forum Comments and Posts

This method can take a little while to get going, and it is a slow way to generate leads, but the good news is that it can steadily produce those leads for a long time after your initial investment of effort and time.

If you have spent any time in forums, especially related to online marketing or making money, then you have likely seen this strategy in action.

But most newbies are doing this completely wrong.

Make critical errors in how you employ this strategy and you will at best be ineffective in your efforts, and at worst you will have your account suspended or terminated.

After locating some forums where your target market hangs out, sign up with an account so that you can post and join the conversation.

It is critically important that you very carefully read the rules for each forum you join.

Some forums allow outbound links directly in the body of a comment, while others only allow these in the signature. Some don't allow any self-promoting links whatsoever. Steer clear of those forums that don't allow at least a link in the signature line – you will be wasting your time.

Put a clear, compelling offer with a link to your capture page in your signature line. Make sure that it doesn't come across as spammy or filled with hype. An offer to solve a very specific problem for your target demographic is best.

Then join in the conversation. Start posts asking legitimate questions you may have, and look for opportunities to provide helpful answers to questions others post.

Just join the conversation.

But make sure that you are adding value when you post.

Blatant self-promotion and spam posts will quickly get you a negative reputation, your posts taken down, and possibly get you banned from the forum altogether.

Focus on helping to solve people's problems and you will earn a reputation as someone who can be trusted and that should be respected. This is exactly where you want to be.

Make it a daily scheduled practice to log in and post on the forums. After you have built up a number of posts (assuming you have done it properly by providing value and having a compelling offer in place), you will begin to see leads trickle in over time.

Continue to amass forum posts and this trickle will grow into a steady stream of free leads to grow your business.

Blogging for FREE Leads

Blogging is not going to build you a booming business overnight. And it can take a lot of concerted effort over time before you really begin to see this strategy pay off.

But building an authoritative blog that gives your readers high-quality content and actionable material is a great way to build a long-term rock-solid business asset that will continue to produce leads for years to come.

It can take a lot of work, and you may not see much in terms of results in the beginning, but stick with it, and invest the time to create extremely valuable content for your readers.

Want your content to have a better chance of showing up in search results or rank higher?

Here are a few practical ways to make that happen:

– Target lower competition or ‘long tail' keywords in your posts. This not only gives you a better chance of showing up in search results because there are fewer competing results, but it also allows you to target your audience with a very narrowly focused topic that is highly relevant to them.

– Post consistently over time. Every day is great, but for some, that may be an unrealistic ideal. Shoot for at least 3 posts a week, but whatever you do, keep posting on a regular basis. The search engines are constantly looking for fresh content that is current and relevant, and that's because that is the type of content readers are looking for!

– Tell your list about your new posts. Developing a loyal fan base and readership is a great way to increase the popularity and reach of your blog. The more exposure people are given to your content, and the more time they spend interacting with it, the more likely they are to talk about it and share it with others.

– Share your posts on social media. Putting your blog posts out on social media is a great way to attract new readers and to indicate to search engines and your market that you have new, enticing content to offer.

Faithfully build your blog, and over time you will see it turn into a real asset that consistently brings in steady streams of free leads.

FREE Network Marketing Leads from Facebook and Other Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can be a great way to build a following and generate some free leads for your network marketing business.

But this is one area you want to be especially careful about protecting your reputation.

Too many people abuse their social media platform by simply spamming all their friends and family with constant bombardments of invitations to join their business.

This could easily cost you in terms of friendships – and not just social media ‘friends,' but real ones.

But don't worry. This doesn't have to be the case.

Set up a separate page, group, or account specifically dedicated to your business, and then restrict your business postings to that platform. Be a normal person with normal life on your personal page or profile, and conduct business on your business page.

That way those who are interested in your business can follow you with that, while the rest of your friends and family who don't care about your business postings (and are likely super annoyed by them) can still be friends and stay connected with you via social media.

Don't be ‘that friend' who clogs everyone's newsfeed with your home business spam.

On your business social media account, be sure to post valuable content, and direct people to your offer, where they will opt in to your list.

Building a loyal following on social media can be another way to get more free network marketing leads.

Summary on Free Leads

Notably, what all of these strategies cost you the most is time. And, if you are like most new network marketers starting out in this business (including me when I first started), though you may not have a whole lot of either time or money, you likely have more time than money.

In order to get the best results in your business, you need to invest that asset, your time, in the most efficient and effective manner possible. If you'd like to learn more about how to get the most out of your efforts to generate free network marketing leads while building your business on a budget, just click on this link, or the big ugly graphic below.