How to Make Money from Home Part Time

Make Money from Home Part Time
The waters of the internet are filled with bloodthirsty sharks, peddling hype and “make millions overnight” scams with their pushbutton systems.

Don't get me wrong – there are plenty of legitimate ways to make money out there.

In fact, there are at least one million ways to make a million dollars.

Realistically however, you are more likely to make a few hundred to a few thousand a month, working part time from home.

If you need to make an extra $500 per month, that's very doable.

– Focus on value

– Avoid the “magic buttons”

– Avoid shiny objects

– Focus on increasing your personal value

– Focus on using leverage to maximize your returns

But there are some major pitfalls you need to avoid if you're going to really make money from home part-time.

Shiny objects that will suck away your time, your money, and your energy.

Below I'm going to give you some basic principles to keep in mind when evaluating your options for earning some part time income.

Avoiding the Traps of Part-Time Income Generation

No Free Lunch

In order to make real, consistent money, you must provide real value to someone else.

Sure, there are tricks, loopholes, and scams that turn a short-term profit.

But you have to work awfully hard to trick the system just to make a buck.

Most scammers work a lot harder at running their scam than they would if they simply provided real value.

We will focus only on legitimate ways to make money.

People trade dollars for something they want more than the money.

Complete a task someone doesn't have time to do themselves, or they don't have the skills to do.

No Magic Buttons

This goes with the above, but if you're looking for the secret button that will turn on a flow of money – stop now.

It doesn't exist.

People trade value for value.

Yes, you can set up leveraged systems that will produce residual income, but it takes a lot of work on the front end to set them up.

If it seems too good to be true. . .

It may or may not be.

Keep the two principles above in mind.

Are people provided with something of true worth?

Then it may just be that it seems unimaginable because you are being introduced to new way of thinking.

If there is no value – it's not real.

Increasing Value Increases Income

Want to make more?

Provide a higher level of value.

Typically, you are compensated based on your worth to the world.

Mike Dillard explains this with three simple metrics.

– How many other people can and are willing to do the job

– How much special specialization in terms of skills or education required

– How many people benefit from your work

If you are completing a task someone doesn't have time or want to take time to do, you will likely be compensated at a rate below what the person values their own time.

An increase in the skill or education required can sharply raise the amount you make per task, or per hour.

People pay a lot more to get something done they are incapable of doing for themselves.

And finally, finding a way to help out a number of people at once greatly increases your leverage.

Focus on Leveraged Value

There are three basic ways to increase your income.

Work more hours for the same pay

Work the same hours for more pay by doing something more technical

Do work that lots of people will pay you for at the same time

Leverage is found in the last two.

And in our technology dominated world, those are becoming easier to do than ever before.

You simply need to find a way to increase your personal value contribution and leverage technology to deliver it to several people at once

Make Money from Home Recap

That's really all there is to it.

Keep these basic principles in mind, and you too will be able to make money from home part-time.

– Focus on value

– Avoid the “magic buttons”

– Avoid shiny objects

– Focus on increasing your personal value

– Focus on using leverage to maximize your returns

If you are interested in learning more, see this short video about how to provide greater value and serve hundreds to thousands of people with your work.

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