MLM Leadership Positioning

What I'm going to say in this brief post is probably different than what you've typically heard or seen.

You can position yourself as a leader today, regardless of your experience, expertise, or results.

That probably flies in the face of your deeply rooted conception of what a leader does and looks like.

You've seen people in leadership.

You know what they're supposed to do and look like.

Demonstrate your leadership by actually helping people, and you will have them lining up, begging to join you.
They flash their fancy cars, the giant houses, and their exotic vacations.

They tell you how awesome they are and how big of a downline they built in such a short period of time.

Then they say something like “I'm awesome. And you can be too if you join my team and spend money with me.”

This is not a cool way to do business.

You don't like it – you think it feels slimy.

But on the off chance that these people might really be able to help you, sometimes against your better judgment, you buy-in.

People's willingness to spend money with you is in direct proportion to their belief that you can help them.

So what if, instead of bragging about how awesome you are, how many downline members you've added, how big your house or car or vacations are –

What if you convince people that you could help them by actually helping them?

That would be a novel idea.

Positioning yourself as a leader is as simple as teaching someone to do something they didn't know before.

Or simply showing them how to do something a little bit better.

No one really cares about who you are or what you've done.

The only thing they care about is whether or not you are able to help them.

Demonstrate that you are able and willing to help them by actually helping them, and you will generate instant credibility and long-lasting loyalty.

Leadership is just about showing someone how they can do something faster, better, or easier with you than they could alone.

If you can demonstrate this from your first interaction with them, then you will never have to sell anyone into your downline or beg anyone to join your opportunity.

Demonstrate your leadership by actually helping people, and you will have them lining up, begging to join you.

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