Make Money Blogging

how to make money blogging
To make money blogging you only need a few essential components.


First, you need to write blog posts. You need to write every single day. And you need to write on compelling topics.

What are some compelling topics? Well, compelling topics would be offering information that is a solution to problems that people are actively searching for. These are going to be frustrations, pain points, in general things that are a hassle or take a long time to do.

You can get ideas for blog posts just about anywhere. Questions posted on forums, put on wiki's, or places like are a great place to begin. .

Also, you can look at what some of the gurus in your specific niche are writing about. What are the popular topics that they keep coming back to over and over again? Write on those topics yourself. It's a safe bet that if all the gurus are writing on a specific topic, then that one is a pretty popular one.

You can also check out the posts on the popular sites in your niche and see which ones are the most engaging. Which types of discussions get the most comments, the most likes, the most shares?

Lead Magnet

The next thing you need is a lead magnet. This is some piece of compelling information that offers a specific solution to one specific problem your prospects are searching for. In exchange for this gem of insight they will be willing to part with their e-mail address.

A good lead magnet will convert a large percentage of those who visit your blog into leads on your autoresponder list.


This brings us to the third component that you will need, which is a series of autoresponder messages which will provide valuable content and offer an elegant solution for a price.


This is called your front end offer, sometimes referred to as a tripwire or a self liquidating offer (SLO), and it will identify the prospects willing to pay for a specific solution to their problem.

Back End Offers

Once a prospect begin becomes a buyer by purchasing the front end offer, they should be placed on a different autoresponder list which will sell them more valuable products at a much higher price point. These are your back end sales, your back end offers, and are where most of the commission is made.

If you also have some sort of business opportunity, MLM, or network marketing opportunity this will also be a great time to sell them into that opportunity.


So, let's recap what you need to make money blogging. First, you need a blog on which you most interesting content on a daily basis. Second, you need a lead magnet that will convert visitors to your blog into leads on your autoresponder list. Third, you need an e-mail follow-up series that will sell your leads on your front end offer solution. Fourth, you need a front end product that has a low price point, but brings in a decent commission for you. Fifth, once leads are converted to buyers by purchasing your front end offer, they should be added to your secondary e-mail follow-up sequence which then sells them higher value and higher price point back-end offer solutions.

Defining the Problem

If that sounds like an awful lot to put together and manage, you're right, it is. And that is exactly why most people never make any money with a blog.

It's a whole lot of work to build that whole structure out, and then once it's up and running it's still even more work to keep it going.

What if there were a simple yet elegant solution that allowed you to focus on doing just one thing and doing that one thing really well, while all the rest of the pieces were put in place for you?

What if the only thing you had to concentrate on was creating captivating content on your blog and getting visitors to your blog?

What if you could tap into a system that automatically took care of all the e-mail autoresponders, the front end offer, the lead magnet, and the backend offers for you?

Wouldn't that be great?

Elegant Solution

Fortunately such a system exists. And if you're reading this on my website, then you witnessed this system in action first-hand.
If you'd like to see how I generate leads and make sales every single day just from writing simple blog posts like this one then click on the link here to learn some more.

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