4 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing can at times be a bit like trying to navigate a treacherous jungle.

Below are four tips on best practices you can use to help you avoid the spam folder, increase your deliverability, and build dynamic and engaging relationships with your subscribers.

The Double Opt-In

Having your subscribers double opt-in to your list can be a highly effective way to decrease spam complaints and increase your deliverability.

The main goal is not more subscribers, but rather more engaged subscribers.
Having a subscriber double opt-in just means that they click a link in the very first email they receive, confirming that they want to be added to the mailing list.

Until they click that link, they won't get any other emails from you.

Typically you would set this up so they can only get your lead magnet clicking the confirmation link in the email.

Ask for Preferential Treatment

The first email is perhaps the most important one you will send.

Your prospect is most excited and eager about the valuable information they are about to get from you, and how that will change their life.

Take advantage of this emotional momentum by asking them to “whitelist” your email address by adding it to their contacts, and dragging the message from the spam/promotions tab over to the inbox or main tab.

Do this by emphasizing the benefit to them.

Point out what they will miss out on in the next couple of days if your emails slip by unnoticed in the wrong folder.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Create Tons of Good Will

From your very first interaction, focus on providing tremendous value and building good will with your subscriber.

Build a relationship with them, and secure a reputation as someone that provides valuable and engaging content on a consistent basis.

Set expectations early on for how often they can expect to receive communication from you, and what types of messages they might expect to receive.

Engagement with your messages, measured by a number of factors, including open rates and click-through rates, play a big part in your sender score.

Short teaser copy in your email with a link to your blog or video with the full content is one great way to increase your click-through engagement.

Keep Your List Trimmed Tightly

Disengaged subscribers will drag down your sender rating, so you want to minimize the number of these you keep on your list.

One effective method is to send a re-engagement series.

These might have a subject line like, “The last email you will ever receive from me” or “Do you still want to receive our emails, FirstName?”

Be sure to lure them back with a free gift of valuable content.

Sometimes it's necessary to purge.

Every three to four months, those who haven't opened or otherwise engaged with your messages, and don't respond to an attempt to get them back on board, should be removed from your list.

This might seem counter-intuitive, as the point is generally to get more subscribers on your list, not fewer.

But the main goal is not more subscribers, but rather more engaged subscribers.

Keep these tips in mind when structuring your email campaigns and you should see a boost in your return for time invested in your email marketing.

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