This is CASE STUDY VIDEO 3 for a paid ads affiliate marketing strategy taught by Adam Cherrington.

First Conversion of the campaign!

While it is good to celebrate the wins, it's important to not get carried away emotionally.

Maintaining emotional equilibrium is key.

You need emotional resilience when running when running a paid ads strategy.

Don't get overly invested in early sales and conversions. And don't get overly discouraged if you don't see sales right away.

Keep in mind the metrics you are testing for at the moment, and let the numbers guide you.

I've seen too many affiliates run losing ads out to -$800 or even -$1000 because they got an early "fluke" sale.

While a sale is nice at this stage of the game, the important metrics are still Ad CTR, LP CTR, ATC Cost, and Checkout Cost.

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