Don't make lazy statements.

Lazy statements are ones that limit your ability to produce, or perform. Lazy statements allow you to shut off your brain, to stop searching for answers and end the process right there.

One of the most famous or infamous of these is the statement that starts with “I can't. . .”

Get out of the habit of saying, “I can't”, and begin a new habit in which you ask yourself “How can I?”

Because of the way our brains are wired, just phrasing these things in the form of a question immediately engages the brain, forces it to try to search for an answer. If you say, “I can't”, then you're allowing your brain to copout, to give up. When instead you say, “How can I?”, then you open yourself up to many wonderful new possibilities.

Your brain begins to search for any possible connections that it could make that may allow for an answer to this question. The really great news about using this strategy is that even when you aren't consciously thinking about answering this question, your brain is likely in the background running a search function to come up with the answer anyway.

Many times the answers to the most difficult questions, the ones that you think you could never find a solution to, will come to you almost intuitively. They might be sudden flashes that strike you in the shower, while you're out for a run, or ideas that awake you in the middle of the night and make you sit up. You may have no idea how you arrived at the conclusion, but amazingly enough a solution appears in your mind and you know that it is possible.

Start to form this habit today, and practice it every day. It may be difficult at first, but as with most things, with practice it will get easier. And exercising in this way not only yields great solutions to problems, but it also develops your greatest asset – your ability to think creatively. Problem solving is one of the most essential skills to succeeding in life in all arenas. And in business perhaps this is more readily evident than other areas.

The higher the quantity of problems that you are able to solve for people, and the higher the complexity of the problems that you are able to solve for them, and the larger the number of people that you are able to solve these type of problems for, the greater will be your income.

Just turn your lazy “I can't” into an active “How can I?”

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