MLM Network Marketing Leads for Your Business

Having a good, reliable source of leads for your business is crucial for long-term success.

New customers and business builders are the very life-blood of any organization, and your MLM Network Marketing team is no exception.

In this article, we will briefly define what a lead is, how and where to get more of them for your business, and what to do with the leads once you have them in order to get the most value from them in terms of new customers and recruits.

Ask yourself what you would like to get if you were in your prospect's shoes.

Then do your best to provide that value for them.

They will love you for it.

What is an MLM Network Marketing Lead?

A lead is technically just a piece of information identifying a person who has an interest in a particular subject, and who has submitted their contact information with a request to learn more.

The most important thing to remember is that a lead represents a real person – one with fears, hopes, and a problem they are looking to solve.

Because of this, in most cases, I will use the term “lead” to refer to the person as inseparable from the piece of identifying information.

Leads for your MLM or network marketing business can come in several different types.

Some may be potential product customers – looking to solve a problem for which one or more of your products or services provides a solution.

Or they may be a general business prospect – someone looking for a way to make some extra money.

Or, my personal preference, they may be someone already in the industry looking for some direction and guidance on building a successful business.

These are my favorite type of prospects because they already believe in the business model and they know they need some help.

network-marketing-leaderThey are looking for guidance and leadership.

This can be provided in the form of generic training that can be applied to any business.

Some will be moved by this to ask to join your team, having already received great value from your training and experiencing your leadership firsthand.

And you will make money from even those who don't join your business, by selling them your training upfront.

How to Get MLM Leads

There are nearly limitless creative ways to get leads for your network marketing business.

You can even accost strangers in elevators with your pitch.

But I recommend taking the approach of finding an audience already searching for help with a burning problem and offering them a solution.

You might get in front of people looking for ways to build a successful MLM business.

Put up a simple opt-in page offering “10 Tips from 7-Figure MLM'ers” and build a database of email addresses.

Give them great value in the free report, continue to build a relationship and provide content and encouragement through consistent email communications.

On the back-end, offer to sell them more in-depth training courses.

If you're thinking, “I'm not qualified to produce trainings!”, don't worry.

Here is a complete system you can use to sell trainings from industry leaders – and you get paid for recommending them!

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Where to Get Network Marketing Leads

MLM Network Marketing leads are not difficult to find.

Just go to where these people are looking for solutions.

Search engines, social media groups, forums, discussion boards, blogs, video sites, etc.

People are looking for solutions just about everywhere online.

You simply need to put your compelling message and irresistible offer in front of them.

Check out this article to learn more about setting up your own MLM lead generation system.

What do I do with my leads?

This is the part where many aspiring network marketers completely drop the ball.

All the leads in the world are completely worthless if you don't have a some sort of follow-up system in place.

mlm network marketing leadYou need a way to predictably and reliably take your leads on a journey from where they are currently, to where you want them to end up.

You need a sales system.

This can be as simple as calling your prospects and using your company's prescribed sponsorship plan.

Or it could be a fancy and sophisticated online marketing funnel.

I recommend starting out with a simple email follow-up series that provides great value and recommends even more valuable training courses.

The good news is that much of the structure has already been built for you.

You can simply plug in and use this proven marketing system to build your business.

Final Thoughts on Leads

Hopefully this article has given you a little insight into the world of MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation.

Keep in mind that you are dealing with people just like you.

Ask yourself what you would like to get if you were in their shoes.

Then do your best to provide that value for them.

There are an endless number of places to find MLM leads looking for help.

Put an irresistible offer in from of them to get their email.

Then build a relationship by providing value and recommending training.

Many will respond to your leadership by joining your team.

If you learned something helpful here, leave a comment below.

Something I didn't cover?

Leave a question and I will address it in an upcoming blog post.