MLM Prospecting System: How to Get and Use One

MLM Prospecting System
Prospecting systems that can be used for MLM abound, and it can be easy to get mired down in researching them.

Twenty different methods for finding potential recruits for your home business can leave your head spinning.

And too many options often leads to paralysis by analysis.

I always want to ask myself, “What are the greatest results I can produce for the least amount of effort?”
An information overload that delays action due to uncertainty.

Old-school methods like cold–calling, elevator pitch, or approaching prospects in shopping centers can and do work for some people.

But the world is changing rapidly.

And the marketers who will thrive in this changing world are those willing to adapt and change with it.

People are busier than ever.

And no matter how great your opportunity may be, getting anyone to slow down long enough to hear your pitch can be a daunting challenge.

Getting told “no” after hearing your pitch isn't the problem anymore.

It's getting people to even listen to the pitch long enough to understand what they're saying “no” to.

For this, I found a solution.

And it comes out of my basic principles identifying the best MLM prospecting system.

Key Characteristics of The Best MLM Prospecting Systems

Any prospecting system you choose needs to do a few basic things, and do them well.

Your list of criteria may be slightly different than mine, but be sure to have what is most important to you well-defined.

Lack of a rubric or checklist against which to measure different prospecting systems will lead to sloppy and often erroneous decision-making.

Dan's Prospecting Checklist

High Leverage Potential

Any system I employ must have a very high leverage factor.

This comes down to the idea of the “minimal effective dose” type of strategy.

I always want to ask myself, “What are the greatest results I can produce for the least amount of effort?”

Talking with people one-on-one in a coffee shop is very low leverage.

Talking with a small group in a house is better.

Talking to a huge crowd in a conference center, even better.

Holding an online webinar that transcends physical location and has unbounded capacity – that is high leverage!

Does the prospecting system have the potential to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions?

This is just one type of leverage.

There are many forms of leverage, including interpersonal leverage, or strength of relationship.

But any potential system for prospecting must be high leverage.


This is closely linked to the idea of leverage.

Does the system as a whole, or major parts of the system, have the ability to be automated?

mlm prospecting automationAutomation turns the leverage dial on a prospecting system up to an exponential degree.

It allows me to do the work once, and then profit from it forever – or at least a very long time into the future.

A live event can be recorded on video, packaged, ordered, and delivered automatically.

An automated webinar not only transcends physical boundaries, but now it transcends time, allowing your message to reach people in other parts of the world or simply on different schedules, accessing the information at their convenience.

Attraction marketing

This is the very opposite of traditional “interruption marketing” or “push advertising.”

With many prospecting methods you are interrupting a person's thought flow, direction, and pattern.

You often have to convince them that they have a problem, convince them to listen to your solution, and then convince them that your solution is viable and the best alternative for them.

That is an awful lot of work.

And worse, it is often perceived as obnoxious.

What if you did the exact opposite?

best business opportunity leadYou talked only with the people who self-identified as having a problem they need help with.

You gave them information up front to help them begin to solve their problem.

And then you offered to sell them something that would help them solve their problem better, faster, easier, or cheaper.

That would be pretty awesome.

You end up looking like a really cool, helpful person who provides tremendous value.

This is the essence of attraction marketing, and any MLM prospecting system must fit this criteria.

Personal alignment

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of choosing the right MLM recruiting system is that it aligns with you as an individual.

The system should be an extension of who you are at your core – consistent with your core values and beliefs.

It should also take advantage of your natural abilities, strengths, and giftings.

Without this alignment, you may struggle, flounder, and grow frustrated over time.

Build to your strengths.

In-person marketing methods can work very well for those who are naturally outgoing, or the “people person” type.

If you are more introverted or shy, this can be a very painful way to try to build a business.

Perhaps you've already experienced this firsthand.

Certainly, overcoming your shy tendencies and becoming more outgoing are things to work on as you build your business.

But first learn to take advantage of your strengths.

Leverage your strong suit, and work on your areas of weakness along the way.

Prospecting System Recap

Finding the right recruiting system for your MLM business can be a challenging task.

But getting it right will save you long months of agony and needless frustration.

And the long-term payoff and benefits of putting a powerful system in place are astronomical.

The four criteria I've laid out here should provide you with a good framework to begin your evaluation.

– High Leverage

– Automation

– Attraction Marketing

– Personal Alignment

There are many smaller detailed facets that you will need to consider as well, but having the big pieces in place first is a must.

Features and gizmos can be great, but don't fall prey to “shiny object syndrome.”

A flashy system with hundreds of bells and whistles may look attractive, but if it violates any of the above principles, it is best avoided.

Have a plan going in.

Know what you want in a prospecting system.

Stick to your basic criteria.

If you are interested, you can check out the exact system I've used to capture thousands of leads in various markets.