Best MLM Leads

There may be some debate over what may be the best MLM lead, but I would argue this is a simple matter of ROI.

As with anything in business, judging the effectiveness of a method or practice should come down to knowing the numbers and metrics, and gauging the return on your investment.

Your investment includes the monetary aspect, certainly, but it is just as vital to calculate cost in terms of time and effort as well.

The best MLM leads:

1) They have a painful problem and are actively looking for a solution.

2) I have a good rapport with them, and they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST me.

3) They see me as a valuable leader who can help them solve their problem.

How to Get The Best MLM Leads

Begin With the End in Mind

The first step is to determine what your objective is – your ideal outcome from working the leads.

Are you looking for find some new product customers?

Help a few people make some extra money of a few hundred to a thousand dollars a month?

Or find a couple of super stars who are serious about exploding a business?

The response you are looking for is very important to nail down concretely, because it will determine who you approach and how you communicate with them.

And most importantly, it will tell you if your efforts have been successful.

Define Your Audience

After you have clearly stated your desired objective, the next step is to define and locate your audience.

The best MLM Leads in terms of product users, will be different from those that are best for building a large downline quickly.

I prefer to focus on business builders.

I find that is higher leverage in terms of building my personal income over time.

And I also believe that business builders tend to purchase more product than the average customer.

So for me, targeting business builders is a win-win.

And many who say “No.” to the business will decide to purchase the product.

The best way to define your audience is by need.

What is the burning problem for which they are desperately trying to find a solution?

Your ideal MLM leads may be actively looking for a business opportunity, just a way to make some part-time income on the side, or a means to quit their job.

Buying the Best MLM Leads

If you choose to purchase leads for your MLM business, performing the first two steps of clearly stating your desired objective and defining your ideal audience will go a long way toward producing a more favorable result.

The next step is to do some research.

Gather a list of all the possible lead brokers and companies offering to sell you leads for a home business.

Dig into the website and company materials as deeply as you can.

Do a search looking for reviews and what other customers have to say about their results and the quality of the leads.

Get on a forum or relevant social media group and ask for recommendations.

If possible, call and speak with someone at the company directly.

Ask how they obtain their leads, the sites they advertise on, the questions on the lead form, etc.

Ask how many of their customers are repeat buyers and long-term customers.

Ask if there are any customers you may contact as a reference or testimonial for the company.

Ask about their assurances or guarantees of lead quality, and what their replacement policy is for dead leads.

This may be a bit of a hassle, but it can save you an enormous amount in wasted money and time.

My Ideal MLM Leads

I see the best MLM lead as one who is most likely to join me in my business and be productive from the very beginning.

In my experience, the best MLM leads have the following characteristics:

  • 1) They have a painful problem and are actively looking for a solution.
  • 2) I have a good rapport with them, and they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST me.
  • 3) They see me as a valuable leader who can help them solve their problem.
  • Bought leads don't tend to meet these criteria for me very well.

    So how do I find leads that meet these qualifications?

    I have found that beyond my warm market, generating my own leads is the best way to find these prospects.

    Generating leads allows me to put my message in from of an audience at the very moment they are looking for my solution.

    And by providing valuable information to them, I build rapport and the belief that I can help them solve their problem.

    This makes for a very powerful connection, which I have found to lead to tremendous results in my business.

    If you would like to learn more about my approach to MLM lead generation, you can read about it in this post.

    And to see the exact system I use to pull in the very highest quality MLM leads for my personal business, you can check out the FREE training here.