What is a Business Opportunity Lead?

Business Opportunity Lead
I think that the first thing that is vitally important to remember about any type of lead, is that this is a real person with needs, wants, hopes and fears.

One of the most dangerous things we can do is to disembody, so to speak, our leads, and treat them like some inanimate business commodity.

Business is built on relationships, and relationships happen between people.

A business opportunity lead is a person who has requested information about how to make additional income, specifically using some sort of business model.

This is different from a person who is simply looking for a way to make money.

The business opportunity lead is looking for someone who will provide direction and guidance, helping them to acquire the tools they need to build their own successful business.

Be that person for them.

A lead for making money may be looking for a job, or simple one-off tasks they can get paid for immediately.

A business opportunity lead, on the other hand, generally has a better sense of what it means to build something over time that will provide a long-term asset.

They are more open to the concept of working without immediate compensation and taking a calculated risk with the hope of a tremendous return in the future.

This is the mindset of a business builder.

The mindset of an entrepreneur.

Your business opportunity lead may not have a fully developed framework of the entire concept, but they typically have at least an initial sense, and they are willing to learn more.

How to Get More Business Opportunity Leads

I won't say much here on this topic, but if you want more details you can see the article on this page about generating business opportunity leads.

Purchasing leads from a lead generation company is certainly one way to get a hold of these type of prospects, and one that is commonly used.

One downside to this approach is that you will be vying for the prospect's attention, competing against the other people to whom the lead has also been sold.

Generating your own leads can be more time-intensive, but it has two distinct advantages – you are not competing for access to the person, and the prospect will become familiar with you throughout the process.

You begin establishing a relationship right away.

Biz Op Lead Generation Methods

Methods for generating business opportunity leads fall into two general categories – paid advertising or organic.

Paid advertising is quick and can be highly targeted to your ideal lead.

Search engine PPC, or visual display ads and banners on social media sites and blogs can be highly effective.

Organic lead generation methods generally involve finding where the prospects congregate, joining the community, and entering the conversation.

This can be a blog with articles optimized for terms of person might search for when looking for a business opportunity, or it may mean joining a social media group or networking on a site such as LinkedIn.

Check this out to get a full breakdown on the network marketing lead generation process.

How to Approach Business Opportunity Leads

Understanding the mindset of your prospect will be a key factor in approaching these people properly.

The correct position and posture is crucial.

The business opportunity lead is looking for someone who will provide direction and guidance, helping them to acquire the tools they need to build their own successful business.

Be that person for them.

best business opportunity leadFrom your initial interaction take the approach of teaching them the fundamentals for business success.

This doesn't have to be about your specific opportunity, and in the initial interaction, there's a good chance it shouldn't be.

But just helping them understand the mindset of an entrepreneur, the tremendous upside for those willing to put in the time and the effort, and the limited options of the person perpetually trading time for dollars, will help solidify your position as a leader in their mind.

Posture yourself as a business owner who holds something of tremendous value, and take the approach of interviewing the prospect to see if they are worthy of you investing your time with them.

A business opportunity lead is looking for a strong and successful leader.

Successful leaders don't ask or beg their prospects, and they don't waste time.

Leaders are not needy.

business-leadershipAnd leaders give generously of themselves to those who demonstrate they are worth the investment.

Always hold control of the interaction with your prospect.

And through your tone and questions clearly communicate that they need to demonstrate they qualify for your time.

If you can understand and apply these basic principles, you will see some great success in sponsoring business opportunity leads into your organization.

If you're just starting out, or even if you are more experienced but always looking for more training and ways to develop as a leader, this is a great training for getting a handle on the basics of generating leads and building a network marketing business.